Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Writing your own Destiny


I have come across this one many a times. I never knew as to what it meant till I probed into it.
And here is the result. How do you write your own destiny? This was the question asked to various engg. students, and here are the answers.

Q. Do you believe in the fact that you can write your own destiny.
A. Yeah surely I do. Infact I have written it in C lang. There are a few bugs I need to get rid of them. Once I am done with that I will release the source code. And you see I strongly advise you to use open-source, say no to MICROSOFT .

Q. Have you written your destiny?
A. Is that in the syllabus. Was that even discussed in the class. What destiny....I have to finish writing three reports and prepare for you think I have so much leisure time to think about such crap.

other EEE guy- Hey dude don't bother us. You see we have a 2 marks test tomorrow and the syllabus includes 300 pages from this book. Am already half marks below the class topper....I am very depressed...I feel like killing myself for making that silly mistake in the last xam...nyways..please F**OFF.

Q.Have you written your destiny?
A. Yeah did that once but then God was pissed off with me. I had forgotten to label the DIAGRAMS. He tore it and threw it I am li8 now. Nyways....I am goin to the GYM wanna join me?

Q. Do you Believe in Destiny
A. You are asking the wrong guy man. Destiny GG....Dota \m/........CS...\m/
BTW where are the new episodes of Fringe BBT House Himym and 2.5 men....

Q.Do you believe you can write your own destiny.
A.One sec let me finish my Old Monk First

Q. Do you believe in destiny?
A No...not at all...I believe in Punarjanm...U c I am a Duali8

Q.Do you believe You can write your own destiny.
A. What did the CS guy say.

He said he is workin on it.

Ok then once he is done Ill get the code from him...make some minor tweeks....add my copyright and voila I am done with my own destiny...

PS: This is not intended to be a guide to writing your destiny.

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