Friday, December 19, 2008

why do people write blogs???


My case study brings forth ten major reasons for a person to turn into a blogomaniac
  1. She/He is a social outcast.Most of such people will have blog blaming the government,the society,and everyone else and preaching various baseless ideologies.
  2. She/He wants to take revenge from a second person(and the best way to do so without putting one's balls in danger is defame him on your blog).This method has been seen highly effective in the case of people who reign the high strata of the society.
  3. She/He has no place to cry(btw blogs are best place to cry).
  4. She/He is looking for a shortcut to success .Just write a blog describing your traumatized sexual life or something like that and if you are lucky and some publication house likes it ,who knows you might become the next king of the rotten eggs.This is highly applicable to girls
  5. She/He is the biggest loser.
  6. She/He has a pathetic love life and wants sympathy from people.
  7. She/He is a nerd and wants to get a life.
  8. She/He has nothing else to do.[accumulation of free time can be a serious canker,blogging is an effective fungicide which may help(again depending upon circumstances)]
  9. She/He is interested in google adsence.
  10. She/He has no reason(ing)
'She' has been written before 'he' diverting from the traditional 'he/she' way because:(options)

a)I believe in women empowerment and like to give them a preference.
b)I have been bugged by a girl to write this blog.
c)This blog has been written by some girl.
d)The symptom of being a blogomaniac is mostly found in girls.