Thursday, October 8, 2009

Are you the chosen one ????

Many a times we are forced to believe that we are ordinary just like everyone around us. Doing the same kind of crappy job, reading the same kinda crappy book. Then one day you realize that in fact you are not ordinary rather YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE !!!!

Times which can make you feel that you are the chosen one.

In an exam hall where 50 people are seated and 49 are involved in high level cheating you get caught. The invigilator threatens you with dire consequences . You cry....your eyes out and then he says give me a BJ and Ill let you live. You succ(k)umb to his demands.

YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE...(guess wat u were the only honest guy in the room)

You win a lucky ticket to the premiere of Ram Gopal Verma's next movie.YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE

You are able to sustain a four year long distant relationship , shelling out 2000 INR of talktime each month and one day your Chand Ka Tukda says.....Hey I am coming at your place . And she finally arrives after four years and bumps into your best friend and then they exchange some bodily fluids on your bed while you try hard to concentrate on some f****d up Harry Potter book listening to some heavy metal rock music inorder to avoid the oH Ahh and OMFG in the other room. You'll be the man of coincidences and surely THE CHOSEN ONE.

You lose your job.Your long time love-interest and all time crush is going to get married and you get an invite to a fancy dress party thrown by her would be penetrator.You attend the party(funeral for you).Then you eat like an anaconda hoping to bankrupt the bridegroom. End up getting stuffed like a giant panda soft toy. You rush to the bathroom and just in time realize that you were dressed in a trouser with 200 Buttons. You try avoiding nature's call while meticulously unbuttoning your pants and by the time you are finished with the 199th button...your sphincter muscles give up and you end up crapping the world in the pants lent to you by your friend. Does that make you the chosen one. No
But then out of nowhere the love of your life, the apple of your eyes appears in front of you and makes you realize that you just crapped in a LADIES toilet. You end your first and last conversation with her with the most beautiful opening line of the century........can you please pass the toilet paper?
If your love life ends in such a dramatic and traumatic( for the girl) situation then you OUGHT TO BE THE CHOSEN ONE

PS: Having a girlfriend in BITS-Goa doesn't make you the CHOSEN one. In fact you are one out of the Chosen Seven who proclaim that your girl is their girlfriend.

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