Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Popular BitsGian myths

Every modern society has various myths.....Bits Goa has its own.....BTW it took me three yrs to figure them out....

1.) This one is the most important one....."CGPA doesn't matter"
thats the oldest myth.....I heard it frm my seniors....my seriors frm their's and guess wat the chain is still unbroken.

2.) Bits Goa is at par with Bits Pilani. I would not like to comment on this one. This myth usually gets bursted once you are in your fourth year.

3.) Goans are frm Goa.
This one is ridiculous . I never believed this one. In fact after months of probing I got my hands on a highly confidential document which has a reference to some paranormal extra- terrestrial activities noticed on the ground floor of AH-7.Its quite evident as these so called Goans are always involved in stuffs that have minimum resemblance to any kinda normal HUMAN behaviour.

4.)Some random couple was cought in the act behind the workshop.
What the f**k....I dont believe anything like that anymore...and so should u...and for GODSAKE stop goin there late night in search of a story . U r not gonna get anything trust me I had spent two precious sems doin that.

5.)EEE is a engg branch in Bits-Goa
Its just ur grade...not a branch...mind that

6.)IS and CS are the same
How can people believe that....they dont even spell the same..

There is more to come....the research is still on..


  1. :)
    totally agreed.

    ur ReseachInterestedProject(R.I.P) is good u'll def. get an 'A' for this.....!!!!!
    (one more myth).... o.O

  2. Waise "A" ka chehra hota kaisa hai..kabhi dekha nahin...